A combined heat and power plant serving the critical needs of one of the largest universities in the United States


Sun Devil Energy maintains a combined heat and power plant that provides heating, cooling and electricity to 88 buildings on Arizona State University’s Tempe campus and a chilled-water plant that serves 11 buildings on the ASU Polytechnic campus in Mesa.

The Sun Devil Energy in Tempe supplies approximately 15 percent of ASU Tempe’s total electrical needs. It distributes steam, hot water and cold water that is used for air conditioning and heating throughout the campus. The chilled-water plant helps air condition and supply water to five buildings at ASU Polytechnic.

In 2019, Sun Devil Energy completed a full upgrade of the combined heat and power facility. The upgrade was named Best Project in the Energy/Industrial category by ENR Southwest.

System Profile

System Type:Combined Heat and Power

Total Capacity:12,400 tons chilled water, 170,000 Mlb/hr steam, 16 MW electricity, 4.8 MW emergency generation

Plants and Equipment:3 plants - 9 chillers, 2 heat recovery steam generators, 1 steam turbine, 2 combustion turbines, 3 emergency generators

Distribution:Distribution system owned and maintained by Arizona State University

Types of Customers Served

  • Buildings served on campus include health care and research, residential dorms, and sports arenas.

Notable Customers

  • Arizona State University
Arizona State University Combined Heat and Power Plant


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