Continuous, reliable utilities are a critical need for all kinds of facilities, including health care providers, and research institutions. By providing on-site generation and backup power, microgrids allow offtakers to operate completely independent of the grid. This energy independence focus on providing the services they do best without the threat of going offline.

Heating, Cooling and Electricity Independent of the Grid

By utilizing technologies like combined heat and power and energy storage, Clearway Community Energy’s microgrids allow customers to generate the entirety of their heating, cooling, and electricity needs with an on-site facility capable of operating entirely independent of the grid. This means that even in the event of a total grid outage a facility with 24/7 utility requirements can continue its operations without interruption. To a health care facility or scientific research institution, a loss of power or climate control can have life-or-death consequences. Our microgrid systems provide secure, energy efficient services when our customers need them most.


Microgrids can create an island in case of grid failure by closing the grid connection and using the systems’s own electricity


With CHP, backup generation, and/or battery storage, a microgrid can achieve 99.9%+ uptime.


Microgrids can be customized for enhanced sustainability by integrating renewable generation.