Clearway Community Energy can fulfill 100% of the heating and cooling needs of a campus, industrial, or urban space while driving down energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions using the power of district energy. We make heating and cooling our core business so you can stay focused on yours.

Reliable, Resilient, Sustainable Heating & Cooling

Cities and campuses across the country depend on our fleet of district energy systems for steam, hot water, cooling, and electricity. Our systems provide long-term value to customers with a need for maximum reliability, resiliency and energy efficiency.

District Energy systems produce steam, hot water and/or chilled water at a central plant, then deliver the steam and water to individual buildings through a network of underground pipes. This process is considerably more energy efficient than traditional on-site heating and cooling systems, and typically requires less capital investment, risk, and operational costs than individual boilers or air conditioners. District Energy also offers superb reliability. With a typical reliability of 99.99% and resiliency that is virtually impossible to match with in-building equipment, our district energy systems are the best choice for mission-critical needs.

Across the country, Clearway Community Energy’s district energy solutions provide heating and/or cooling to more than 100 million square feet of building space, including hospitals, college campuses, commercial office buildings, pharmaceutical plants, sports arenas, manufacturing facilities, government buildings and mixed-use developments.

District Energy Diagram - District energy system produces steam, hot water and chilled water at efficiencies not achievable through on-site heating and cooling methods. Steam, hot water, chilled water are distributed to customers via underground pipes. Central production reduces customer base's energy costs and GHG emissions. Incorporation of alternative fuels and renewable electricity further reduce emissions.