Traditional power plants are only about 30% efficient, sending up to 70% of heat produced into the environment as waste. For our combined heat and power facilities, also known as CHP or co-generation, that “waste” heat is a resource. We use it to produce steam, hot water, or even chilled water for use by our customers.

CHP delivers predictable rates, less waste, and reliable performance.

CHP is naturally more efficient and less fuel-intensive than traditional generation technologies. It reduces energy costs, minimizes a plant’s carbon footprint, and can enable the real-time sales of excess power back to the local electricity grid. In addition, CHP facilities are able to make use of a variety of fuel sources, which gives them the capability to create stable, competitive energy rates by using the least-costly fuel to optimize savings while satisfying 100% of a customer’s electricity needs.

In addition to their efficiency, on-site CHP facilities can provide exceptional reliability and resilience as part of a microgrid. Onsite CHP can be paired with emergency generators and battery storage can provide facilities with total energy self-sufficiency and give a campus the ability to isolate from the grid in the event of an outage or for increased energy savings. Clearway Community Energy is a full integrated energy services provider. We finance, build, own, operate, and maintain CHP facilities—allowing you to focus on your core businesses.