Clearway Community Energy is uniquely experienced in designing, building, owning, operating, and maintaining solutions that reduce energy cost and enhance system performance. Whether you are trying to get more value out of your energy budget or meet your sustainability goals, we can help.

District Energy

Urban cores and campuses across the country depend on our fleet of district energy systems for steam, hot water, cooling, and electricity. Our systems provide long-term value to customers with a need for maximum reliability, resiliency and energy efficiency.

Arizona State University Combined Heat and Power Plant

Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power (“CHP”) plants use the waste heat from electricity generation to serve a customer’s heating and cooling needs. The inherent efficiency of CHP offers enhanced sustainability and reduced energy costs, and facilities are designed to expand with customers as their needs for energy, heating, and cooling grow.


Microgrids can supply 100% of your electricity needs and integrate seamlessly with your local power grid. The ability to integrate on-site renewables and energy storage, sell excess electricity production back to the grid and operate as an independent “energy island” provides an unmatchable level of resilience and reliability.