Finding the right financial structure and sources of funds for your project can seem like an overwhelming task. Our project finance experts can guide you to an optimal deal structure with the least risk and most benefits for your organization.

The Right Structure for Your Energy Future

During our more than 30 years as a developer of energy systems we have executed projects of a wide spectrum of scopes and complexity. From feasibility study through the full life cycle of the system, we oversee every aspect of our projects and closely coordinate with select firms. We assume ultimate accountability for our projects, and we deliver the high quality solutions our customers expect.

Our Expertise

  • Ability to access capital markets
  • Minimizing risk
  • Targeting a credit-positive rating on deals
  • Off-balance sheet structuring
  • Regulatory management
  • Property tax considerations

Our financial team is skilled at crafting customized structures which allow customers to avoid some of the pitfalls of traditional project financing. This type of deal can be structured off-balance sheet, and allows our skilled team to manage the customer’s energy consumption profile. The customer avoids any capital expense and gains the cost savings, enhanced reliability, and greater sustainability provided by our proven energy solutions.”

Case Study: Duquesne University Campus Energy Center

Clearway Community Energy acquired Duquesne University’s on-campus Energy System for $102 MM by showcasing unique value-adds for the university which other firms could not achieve. Clearway’s development team realized that the system had excess capacity and was able to highlight its strength in the region around the university by underwriting this excess capacity and monetizing it for the benefit of the school.

  • Acquistion was structured to be off-balance sheet and credit-neutral for the University
  •  Duquesne University’s Campus Energy Center is the first combined heat and power plant in western Pennsylvania
  • The plant generates 80% of the campus’ electricity needs, approximately 5 MW, using combined heat and power technology
  •  Interconnection with Energy Center Pittsburgh uptown adds to reliability and resiliency, and drives down energy costs
Duquesne University’s on-campus Energy System